Tuesday, April 13, 2010

[기사] HJ @ football stadium @ 1004

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source: apple daily
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Korea boygroup SS501 leader KimHyunJoong previously headed to Spain for a pictorial shoot, the day before he even took airplane to Madrid to watch the football match between Real Madrid and Barcelona's football war, who knows he got spotted by fans.

Wearing the Number 9 jersey carving Ronaldo Cristiano on it, totally copying after Ronaldo who loves flip-flops, he similarly put on flip-flops and then went to watch the match with his good friends (manager & translator you mean). When he appeared at the gate, fans immediately found sight of him and asked to take photographs with him, but got stopped by manager, so after KimHyunJoong waved and smiled to fans to bid goodbye, he hurriedly rushed in to the stadium. But the team which he supports -- Madrid, in the end lost to Barcelona by 2 rounds.

In addition, KimHyunJoong previously took part in the UNICEF donation event for the united nation children along with 20 other korean stars, so as to aid the African kids.