Tuesday, April 13, 2010

JM schedule in Taiwan (10April ~ 12 April)

Jungmin's rough schedule in Taiwan...

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source: PTT SS501版 Lk50422
english: ode

4/10 (Saturday)

11:35 KE691 Flight, Arrival in TW
14:30 Mister Donut
15:00 Taipei 101 Building
16:00 IKEA Furniture (lol wae...?)
17:00 Dinner -- TuHsiaoYueh
19:30 Taipei Arena - Harlem Yu concert
23:00 HuaShan Arts Center - Post Party

Stays in - Sherwood tw Hotel

He seemed to have gone to KeMi Company (the company related to Angie Chai) for an hour or so as well
(waah really something going on huh......)


09:00 Went down to Kaohsiung City to enjoy his southern-tw tourism journey


17:10 Terminal 1, Cathay Pacific CX420 back to Seoul

20:40 (korea time) Reached Korea, Seoul

note from author: JungMin approx reached the TW airport around afternoon 4pm, he left for a while when he saw fans,
about afternoon 4.30pm he appeared again and began to prepare to board airplane. seemed to have bought quite many items!!!