Wednesday, April 07, 2010

HJ scholarship foundation........

just another news about the scholarship foundation...

sr: hani kr

SS501's member KimHyunJoong's fancafe 'Jihoo HyunJoong's pain' members has expressed that they wish to spin a good day in view of HyunJoong's name. Previously, the fancafe had donated 3.5million won to the donating charity, and then also formed a very unique gift in February which is the scholarship foundation. About 200 female fans collated a total of 14million won and formed the 'KimHyunJoong Scholarship Foundation'. This money has aided the nurseries, as well as newly admitted high school students by paying for their admin fees. This fanclub's sharing practise did not stop here. The apparel outfits for which HyunJoong is a model of was bought in with 100million won and was given to the lower income kids.

This scholarship foundation idea came from 'Jihoo HyunJoong's pain' member Jeon Eun-ju (39)-ssi, "In the initial stage, although we began because we hoped to support HyunJoong in this way, but soon, the members who donated gradually seemed to feel happiness by donating to help the needy people."