Tuesday, April 06, 2010

YTN Radio @ 0404 -- Kim HyunJoong Scholarship Foundation

Well...this, is about the interview about KimHyunJoong Scholarship Foundation
on YTN Radio "Hopes We Weave Together" that was broadcasted on April 4 Sunday, 1PM~2PM,
both of the DJs were discussing about the foundation of KHJ Scholarship Foundation,
its meaning behind it, the culture behind their donation, as well as the fandom culture.

They did this interview because there was certain request for this interview to be conducted about the KHJ Scholarship Foundation.
not with HyunJoong himself, but instead with the deejays...

Im not sure how to re-upload this onto any other place and make sure I don't hotlink,
so I'll just copy the direct link instead, easier for the Earth ^00^
(^ the above, thanks to Hunter M~~~)

Brief Contents in english by ode......

There were initially only 100 in the donating foundation, only 100 regular members as according to the secretary of foundation,
but right now, the amount of members has had increased to 180 of them. Amongst the first-timer donators in the KHJ Scholarship Foundation, many of them began to re-apply as a regular donator. They re-applied not as temporary donators, instead many of them re-applied as continuous donators (donators who frequently and continuously donate), from which we could see their sincerity in doing charity, and their faithfulness to this donating foundation.

Hoping to make this world a better place, this is us fans' present -- "The KimHyunJoong Scholarship Foundation"...