Saturday, April 10, 2010

[Interview] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong ~ Behind his appearance is a mature man

This is old interview Hyunjoong back in October 2009 shared by wingwing in her blog,
He because i saw harley posted this trans in soompi again, so i want to post/reshare this here too, maybe some of you havent read it yet.. Thx harley, for reminding me, and yes i still owe you more more and more... T_____T

Thx wingwing for translating this very meaning interview for us... Poor leader being misunderstand by people because his expresionless.. TT

and i really really like this quote from someone in twitter... (i really love your quote)
"He is not what we want...not what we expect...He is what we accept"

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One year and seven months, SS501 has finally released a new album. Shape of a new series gives a great visual impact, mysterious, handsome and cool. In particular, when there is no expression goes on Hyun Joong’s face, it is hard to link him with the smile always hanging, “Yoon Ji-Hoo” together. For “Kim Hyun-Joong”, may be many people’s first reaction is “fourth dimension” or “aliens” like the Funny youth. In fact, a serious look at his face, you can feel the word “quiet”. Even the sun-like smile are also gentle, and faint. That is because the alternative veneer of a serious, mature, occasionally a bit timid man seems to actually hidden behind.

Live seriously and carefully:
I would like to seriously put every day life to work , and can be properly adhered to. Although the fall is not so impossible, but the real effort of life seems to be a good thing. Compared to complain about “too tired”, would like to do one more thing seems better in my heart.

Self-evaluation, to spur myself:
I’m not very often to look at some malicious response. Occasionally, in terms of my evaluation people left in the fan web site , I will write up my own feelings. Sometimes I will make my identity public, occasionally anonymous. I also often write something malicious in order to spur my own self-evaluation.

Thankful for others, always want to give
In fact, I do not like receiving gifts, but more used to give gifts to others. Even if I really want something, I am also embarrassed to ask for it from people, but I will buy myself. I will give out anything to the most worthy person.

Do Whatever I can, do not want to become silly
From childhood, I have been mature than friends is surrounding me, but now it want to live like children. In fact, even want to travel by myself were not possible, also want to take the subway situation but can’t . I’ve done things my friends are still doing, but my friends can do things I can not give now. It seems a child has turned back. Do not want to become a fool, so now things like booking airline tickets are all done by myself.

Give double efforts to set a good example
Step by step come to today, and now there are younger generation following me. Look at the recent show there are many of the younger generation which younger than me. The most biggest difference is having a 8-year gap. Seeing them, make me feel I have to work harder. I am not new now but need to be a model for the younger generation. Watching the progress of younger players, I should have more of continual improvement. I can not take the same step as the younger players but need to take double steps instead.

Cold appearance but warm heart, Just feel powerless
I do not know what is my own charisma. Even can not do very well on the opposite sex, also not even waved to the fans very often. Although wanted to wave, but always a little afraid of strangers. If fans can learn my heart through interviews, I will be so glad. Though fans will feel Hyun Joong brother is terrible, but in reality I’m just afraid of strangers only.