Sunday, April 11, 2010

[기사] Jungminie made a special appearance @ taiwan concert

source: udn news taiwan
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maybe Jungminie got to know about Harlem Yu most prob because of
his famous hit "Qing Fei De Yi" where he sung for TW's BoF drama ^__^

thanks to missR...


Harlem Yu's long-awaited [Boundless Deep Love] concert was held yesterday night at the Taipei Arena, downstage there weren't any single empty seats, Korea's popular idol group SS501 member Park Jungmin has had visited Taiwan silently as well, in order to watch the concert.

Harlem Yu's arena concert has had had good raves beginning after the HongKong stand, concert tickets for it are hard to hunt after for, even the artistes section was star-studded with stars like Fan Wei-qi, Guo Jing, Rainie Yang, Jam Hsiao, XiaoYu etc all the juniors were there to salvate after their senior, son Little Harry and family were there at the venue as well, though didn't see his ex-wife Annie Yee nor any congratulatory flower baskets.

Korean idol Park Jungmin's surprise appearance got all media and fans to be shocked, recently in SS501, besides KimHyunJoong who flew to Spain to work, other members all managed to get a short-termed holiday, Park Jungmin expressed, since he has a holiday, and since Angie Chai had invited him over to Taiwan to watch the concert, he'd thus take the chance to tour around Taiwan. Park Jungmin initially wanted to secretly visit Taiwan, so he dressed in a low-profile manner purposefully, but yet from the airport to 101 building, to TuHsiaoYuch restaurant etc, he was been recognized by many eye-sharp fans, and got surrounded asking for autographs each time.

Jacky Cheung made an appearance too.