Monday, April 12, 2010

[기사] Jungmin's visit to Taiwan.......

for those who may be curious in the song Qing Fei De Yi
sung by Harlem Yu sunbaenim, here is the song with MV
it was one of my favourite song back then in year 2001 which
was the headstart of Asian F4 (from Japan to Korea to Mainland) Craze
The headstart of YOON JI-HOO's birth.


source; sports chosun... / reposted on; 601 / eng; ode

SS501 Park Jungmin, surprise visit to Taiwan

SS501 Park Jungmin had found his way to Taiwan.

Taiwan Apple Daily has reported on the 11th, "At popular singer Harlem Yu's concert venue appeared a special guest, Korea's famous singer SS501 Park JungMin, thus shocking everyone". To this, "Park Jungmin was invited by Angie Chai to view the concert, thus he then came to enjoy the concert since he has a short break as well" was said. Despite dressing low-key, from the airport to restaurants, throughout his journey, "he was surrounded by fans but he fulfilled each request politely" was added.

Harlem Yu has acclaimed fame in Korea because he had sung for the taiwan version of 'Boys over Flowers' -- "Meteor Garden"'s theme song "Qing Fei De Yi", while Angie Chai is a well-acclaimed director/producer in Taiwan for having created successful taiwan dramas like 'Meteor Garden'.

On this day, Park Jungmin wore black short-sleeved tee-shirt, and put on black hat as he visited the concert venue, he spent an enjoyable time throughout as he also took photographs with Harlem Yu etc.

While on the other hand, SS501 will be having a comeback scheduled on May 1 with a brand new album.