Monday, April 12, 2010

[기사] KJ's awkward confession...

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source; bugs / eng; ode

Drama 'SuperStar' project OST 'Awkward Confession' Revealed
--SS501 Kim KyuJong gets involved in drama OST

Drama 'SuperStar' Project OST Series 3rd series song - Awkward Confession is sung by drama protagonist SS501's Kim KyuJong who's directly shown interest to participate in OST making, which showed his affection towards drama.

Kim KyuJong's Awkward Confession was included in SS501's first official album as a song entry, now it's been evolved into another KimKyuJong solo version since the song fits the drama's contents very well, thus it's now re-born as another Kim KyuJong solo version. SS501 5 members' harmony was cordially displayed in the original song, this time, with KyuJong's warm and sweet voice, this solo portrayal of KyuJong of this song gave a different feeling altogether, thus a new-born version. Through videos of the drama as well as various music videos, we could first meet with actor KimKyuJong like this.

Kim KyuJong who stars in 'SuperStar' project's "Never Ending Love" alongside Nam Kyuri who shows her new side to first-time acting and Park Ki-woong who had shown impressive acting in "Slingshot", the 3 of them develops a diverse fielded love story. On the other hand, Im Ho who starred as a liquorice in DaeJangGeum (Jewel in the Palace) has also participated in it as well, thus increasing the interestivity. (such a word........?)

Producer of this new hanryu contents business planning has said, SuperStar project would be divided across 10 chapters, the 10 different PD (directors) along with the hanryu stars, have had came together to co-produce this, though up until now the main print hasn't been released yet, but through music videos, they garnered the audiences' huge interest and anticipation towards this project as they dwelve into the videos.