Friday, April 16, 2010

[mag] PATI-PATI Vol.3 2008 July

Pati.Pati. Vol 3 2008 July issue......

chi translations: 妃茵 @ TSTW
eng: ode

HyunJoong -- [Mo ri]
Recently I began to breed dogs,
its name is [mo ri],
korean pronunciation is "chaku saru".
(Japanese pronunciation is similar) but the mori isn't
referring to the forest (chinese: 森林)'s 森 (japanese romaji: mori),
I was referring to that tool used to catch fish.
It's now only 5 months old. Its the Bernese Mountain Dog
type of genre,
I'm really anticipating it to become a police dog
one day.
(ㅎㅎㅎㅎ guard by your house and chew off
burglars into your home.....)

JungMin -- [to strike some fortune, isn't that wonderful]
(boroumouke, iin jyan!)
This sentence was taught to me by my stylist,
she even said she wants to strike some fortune ne (laughs).
To strike it rich isn't my dream!!
But if I were to strike some fortune,
I'd like to buy a very wonderful house.

KyuJong -- [To stem slowly from the heart]
(kokoro ni ji wa ji wa...)
To everyone who has been supporting us,
if our songs could stem slowly in your heart,
and strike a common string in your heart,
that'd be great,
this is a wish I'd sincerely prayed for.
Hopes that from now on we could also sing songs
that could bring passionate feelings into your heart.

YoungSaeng -- [Please come to watch our concert]
(konsato ni oideyon~)
Must come to watch SS501's concert!!
We'd soon hold our first concert in Japan in July,
though there are only 2 stops, Tokyo & Osaka,
but we're already very eager to meet with everyone!!

HyungJun -- [Evolve] (Shin ka)
I'd said this while I was doing an interview for our single,
whether it's myself or SS501,
we all hope to gradually evolve bit by bit.
In future we'd also continue to work hard,
please always look after our development!!