Friday, April 16, 2010

[mag] PATI-PATI Vol.23 March 2010

Pati.Pati. Vol 23 2010 March issue......

chi translations: 妃茵 @ TSTW
eng+some added: ode

HyunJoong -- [Confidence]
I challenged acting for the first time last year,
though I was very busy but it was a fruitful year.
Holding confidence,
I'd continue to work hard in the singing and acting area.

JungMin -- [herbivore man] (草食男)
(ode: they are males like herbivorous creatures,
they're friendly and gentle,
but in terms of marriage/romantic relationships,
they just seem to lack some thing that men should possess,
they dont know how to pursue after love,
rather they prefer mid-tempo in interacting with females.)
I asked my stylist what was the most-hit word in Japan
at the moment?
and he told me, "herbivore man".
I'm also a herbivore man~www...right?
So which means to say,
there is such things as herbivore man ne?
How interesting!

KyuJong -- [onikiri]
I often eat a kind of food that's called "kimbabu" in korean,
it's called "onikiri" in japanese.
there are many flavors for me to choose,
which made me shocked.

YoungSaeng -- [shoshin] (initial resolution)
SS501 would soon cross their 5th year anniversary.
Would want to get back with our initial resolution,
to challenge all kinds of matters.
What kind of 2010 would everyone want to plan for?
In order to show a better side of ours,
I'd work harder for that!

HyungJun -- [to achieve]
Hope that I could achieve my goals that I had set in 2010!
First up that we should complete is the 1st asia tour's
27th & 28th seoul encore concert.
Everyone must come to support us ne~