Friday, April 16, 2010

[mag] PATI-PATI Vol.2 2008 June

Pati.Pati. Vol2 2008 June issue......

chi translations: 妃茵 @ TSTW
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Pati.Pati Vol.2 (2008 June)

HyunJoong -- [Gradually / dan dan]
I kind of like this word alot because
of its cute pronunciation which made me fond of it,
and it has the meaning of 'bit by bit',
which is able to bring out the change of state,
thus I like it alot.
Hopes that my Japanese could gradually improve bit by bit,
in future may my singing and dancing improve bit by bit too,
may I become someone impressive by working hard bit by bit.

JungMin -- [On the alert / ko shi tan tan]
This time we're anticipating to grab the [Japan Golden Album Newcomers] award,
we'd thus be on the alert for a bigger award in the next round.
We won't be wasting any opportunities to challenge any thing,
we'd continue to work hard from now on.

KyuJong -- [Coming into contact / fu re ai] ,
[wants to see you ne / aitai yo] / [stay in my heart / kokoro ni to do meru]
I feel that these words are able to express our gentle feelings of one party for the other,
when I come into contact with our Japanese fans,
I felt such happy closeness then.
We'd be going to Japan soon, may all of you wait awhile more~

YoungSaeng -- [Treasure] (takara mono)
The reason why I chose this is because I always felt
it to be shining shining..
It has a close intermittence with important things,
thus I like this word.
I felt, to constantly be guarding by some thing important,
after some time, it would then develop into the existence of a [Treasure].
My treasure is.......don't tell you.
(I know it's your 4 brothers + family/relatives + yourself
+your talents + us...... so easy)

HyungJun -- [Failure is the mother of success]
(shippai wa seikou no moto!!)
After experiencing failures, we'd mature.
The meaning of failure is, "the hurdlestone of success", such meaning.
Even if you were to fail, you mustn't give up, must work hard
until the end!!