Wednesday, April 14, 2010

[mag] PATI-PATI Vol.21 2010 Jan

Pati.Pati Vol.21

Since vol.24 is the final series for princes,
time to...recap??

chinese translations by: 妃茵@tstw
eng translations by: ode

HyunJoong -- [Zoning out]

I was always said to be zoning out by people (laughs), even I didn't notice it myself,
until when I come back to my senses, then I realized that I was really day dreaming.

JungMin -- [Cancelled Last minute]
Cancelling last minute will definitely not do!!!
I dislike people who can't stick their promise or those who can't keep to time,
so I would certainly not do cancellation of last minute appointments.

Matters where I could remember I'd try my best to remember.

KyuJong -- [Dear]
Dearest all fans, thank you to everyone all along.
All of you are an important existence to us,
so I'd like to dedicate this phrase [Dear] to all of you.

YoungSaeng -- [Earnestly]
I hope to live earnestly all the time.
Though there are times when I felt hard and is unable to continue moving forward,
I will still continue to work hard earnestly all the way through. Hope that all of you can support us~!

HyungJun -- [Tanned person]
I like the pronunciation of [ji gu ro] (tanned-skin person) very much (laughs).
I'm not a tanned person (what, you're a snow white okay!),
but because I like to go swimming at beaches,
sometimes I'll get a patch of sunburnt left on my skin.