Wednesday, April 14, 2010

[프레쉐] Sexy Music....... Comeback Concept

kay i'm sure you already saw this, perhaps,
since I was late in catching the worm..... o.o

dj jjun has revealed a short hint for the upcoming 5-01 day album...
Sexy Music ^ooo^
and it will really be coming out on May 1
they're now in midst of preparing for such a genre coming out
he says it's not just limited to girls who can do sexy only,
though it seems like it
guys can do sexy too^oo^
and he keeps repeating, it's REALLY COMING OUT
on May-1
Please keep anticipating~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

and....I liked that 'short accent' of his english ^ooo^

paste this flash with courtesy from 601................

alright, I'll re-translate it out in full (for essence part only)
since I saw people doing it out in full already
along with reference fr

"This time's concept, Sexy Music~ OK~
Very worth anticipating oh, this time.
Isn't it that sexy men are always very welcomed by women,
(they missed out this part : since not just women can do sexy),
so this time will appear with such a concept,

using some novelty as well as
a lil' impactful kinda way to make a comeback."
*edit end*

source: music high visible podcast
redug by: 501스런하루@601