Wednesday, April 14, 2010

[mag] PATI-PATI Vol.22 2010 February

and so...Vol.22 was published too, sorry
I mean translated.
and scanned in.

Vol 24 was here
Vol.21 was here


Pati.Pati. 2010 January Vol.22

chinese translations by: 妃茵@tstw
eng translations by: ode@this blog

HyunJoong -- [天乃屋]
Whenever I come to Japan, this biscuit will
always appear in the lounges
I think it's called [天乃屋] right?
This biscuit isn't available in Korea, so when
I come to Japan I'll eat it often.

JungMin -- [Wallet]
I forget and left my wallet at HongKong's washroom......
So not worth it~!!
There was so much money in it (><)

KyuJong -- [Rebirth]
Our latest album is titled [Rebirth],
it's an album where all 5 of us put in alot of efforts with
All of you waited for a long time for it,
please support it much!

YoungSaeng -- [Green Peas]
This is a song we made for our fans.
The Japanese version was also released on our Christmas event.
Everyone, please listen to this song often!

HyungJun -- [Forever]
SS501 will always be with fans, until Forever.
Really thank you to all of you.

**Translator (original mandarin)'s note:**
Regarding HJ's favourite biscuit [天乃屋],
When HJ was with Hwang Bo at the recording studio in Japan
back in 2008 during WGM,

the biscuit he offered to Hwang Bo was [天乃屋].
Back then he already told Hwang Bo that he loves to eat that biscuit.