Thursday, April 22, 2010

[msg] 형준: 음 [2010.04.22, 11:18:19PM]

I nearly thought it was hyunjoong.........


eng;; ode

just log onto the homepage and scroll to the bottom,
you'd see the 'new' shining entry
click on it & it'll appear before your eyes

HyungJun: 【mmm】 @ 2010.04.22, 11:18:19 PM

Because I'm resting for awhile now

Because (and so) I'm recharging my body for abit~

Shall I run? Will return soon~ and then again, the flower of passion will bloom once more


이제 좀 쉬었으니까

몸좀 충전했으니까~

달려볼까? 곧 돌아갈께요~ 다시 열정의꽃을 필거야