Friday, April 23, 2010

Seating plan for Dream con. '10 (+추가 final)

seating plan of May's Dream Concert 2010

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I just merely randomly captured them in bits & pieces

those in green are our seatings!
it's considered quite alot already...compared to some,
only one area...but the area...not really very good...ㅠㅠㅠ

*edit, April 23*

TripleS seating arrangement is from Area X to U, only

*supposedly the so-called initial plan arrangement.....*
Light Green: SS501
Red: Lee HyoRi
Yellow: KARA
Pink: SNSD
Dark Purple: Wonder Girls
Blue: Super Junior
Black: 2PM
Light Blue: SHINee
White: Rain
Brown: other fandoms

Originally, But Mistake

in green, 501
in light pink, KARA
in hot pink, SoShi (good area)
in purple, f(x) (good area)
in light blue, SHINee (good area)
in dark blue, SuJu (which's a good area)
in red, WonderGirls
in grey, 2PM
in white, Rain, MBLAQ
boxed in yellow, 4Minute, BEAST


*Edit, April 23*
so as you should know about the controversy of seating arrangements,
we were only assigned with 4 areas
the above seating plan (as in the above 3 pictures), it was a mistake
S,T seating area is not planned to be sold to public
which was why it caused some problems because supposedly the
area underneath it was for sale
so anyway, DSP had supposedly come up with a notice for it,
and now it was also released the final (& right) seating plan
with courtesy made by
&of course from 6o1

shall we take a look at it?
it's rather clear & comprehensive

TS is only from X - U

TS, the one in green+red colours at the bottom most,
W4 & W5 area

TS in green
TS in green+red is (imaginary)