Monday, April 05, 2010

[News] DSP Rep Lee Ho Yeon is in Critical Condition is a False Report

Earlier i posted brief news here about the health condition of Mr Lee. In first news released by sport chosun they told his condition still worst and has no improvement yet.
But few hours later my daily article said Mr. Lee condition is getting better actually and the earlier news report was blown out of proportion...

Hehe odeode hun have holiday today ^^ so i was doing tour looking for translation. And found this translation has done by happiebb @ . Thx so much ^^

credit: original in korean: MK.CO.KR + translated into chinese: 翻译:米修&十一 / BAIDU KHJ THREAD 百度金贤重吧
english trans by happiebb @

DSP Media, involved in the debut of Fin.KL, Sechkies and the current SS501 and Kara, has said on the 5th that the series of media reports on Lee Ho Yeon being in critical condition is exaggerated and untrue.

DSP said, "(His) condition is improving and turning for the better currently, and he is not in a seriously critical condition as per the media reports."

Mr Lee had suddenly lost consciousness and fainted about two weeks ago, and was sent to undergo operation at the Severance Hospital at Sincho, and is currently receiving treatment. At that time, he was diagnosed to have suffered from hemorrhage due to stress, and he was not in critical condition as reported by the media.

The person-in-charge claimed that, "Fortunately, the operation was a success, and he is now still undergoing treatment and his condition has gotten better. He is expected to be transferred to the normal wards (non-intensive care) this week."

Mr Lee has been involved in the successful launches of singing groups such as Sechkies, Fin.KL, clic-b, and the current SS501, Kara and others. And not just as a music producer, he has also made his foray into TV dramas and other aspects of cultural and broadcasting production work, and possesses significant influence.