Thursday, April 01, 2010

[photo] NHK N-stadium - 형준*정민 @ 200310 recording

Muahahahaaaa...I get so hyper looking at this now.......

Recording in Japan for NHK Nstadium programme
Jungmin man, and HyungJun woman

O yeah? They'd never leave Hyungjun alone, cos he needs his lover,
similarly they'd never leave Jungmin alone, cos he needs his lover


[0104] DSP Japan : MinJoon's NHK tv programme broadcast schedule news

NHK/BS2 channel's "N-Stadium" Broadcast

from: DSP Jp / hana1214@Passion -- kim hyungjun & park jungmin's chinese couple site (
re-translated: ode...

It's been some time since we met:
After SS501's asia concert has ended, they are now preparing for the April 25 concert at Saitama Super Arena as well.

Not long ago, Jungmin and HyungJun went to Japan in order to record for the NHK/BS2 channel's programme "N-Stadium" on the 20th March. One of the sub chapter is titled "K-POP!", and recording for this was carried out for quite some time, both members Jungmin & HyungJun have now become seniors amidst so many idol groups ^^ These will be inclusive in the 1st night and 2nd night of broadcast

Despite long hours recordings, but because of their very deep frienship, so the atmosphere has been amiable.

The following pictures records both of them taking a commemoration photograph with guest Oosawa Megumi!

this is PERFECT, don't you think???