Sunday, April 04, 2010

[기사] TonyMoly fansign @ 04-04-2010

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=Kim HyunJoong, "Sharing handshakes with fans"

=Kim HyunJoong, "Smiling brightly while signing for fans"

=Kim HyunJoong, "To sign for all of them here right?"

=Kim HyunJoong, "You brought along SS501 CD ne"

=Kim HyunJoong, "Signing carefully for even just one"

=Kim HyunJoong, "Fansigning = Prosperous"

=Spring Flower-boy Kim HyunJoong, "So handsome even when he signs"

=Spring flower-boy Kim HyunJoong "Killer smile killed me for abit"

=Spring flower-boy Kim HyunJoong "Had a spring outing in the bookstore"

=Kim HyunJoong, at the fansigning, "dazzling beauty"

=Flower-boy Kim HyunJoong, welcomed amidst 400 female fans, "dazzling appearance"

=Kim HyunJoong at the fansign, "Still as warm-natured as ever"

=Kim HyunJoong Fan-sign, ended successfully

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SS501 Kim HyunJoong, "Carefully signing for each and every"

On the 4th afternoon, at Seoul YoungPoong BookStore TonyMoly department store, SS501 Kim HyunJoong's fansigning event was held.

Global cosmetic brand TonyMoly which is the main sponsor for this fansign has decided to hold a fansign in order to congratulate TonyMoly's opening at YoungPoong BookStore.

Approximately 400 females gathered at the fansign event, Kim HyunJoong carefully signed for each and every one of them, on this day, he also showed his clear appearance.

He signed carefully for each and every one of the fans, without showing any signs of tiredness on his beautiful face throughout the fansign.


Anonymous said...

kekekekeek... thx hun for tittle translation..
omo so he signed all.. not just 100 only like the plan... huwaaa....
i love this tittle...
=Spring flower-boy Kim HyunJoong "Killer smile killed me for abit"

Ode♥ said...

ha hahha..agent Mssi...
i think he signed for 100 lah.. if he signed for all, i dont know when it will end...O.O

Anonymous said...

its okay for 400 too wakakakaka.. its good for hands sport.. LOL..
hahaha why me so devil kekekeke...

Ode♥ said...

why dont water sport? Lol i wanna swim~~~~~~
so random

BLo_oM Li_oN said...

hi there

It's Mel... i've some pictures from our stalking team
How can I share them with you gals ???

Please let me know

Mel @ Hyuniversal0606@Pantip

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Ode♥ said...

wah I jus refreshed the page only and I saw yours less than a min..kk...

errr.....I think I'll email you then...since agent M surely dont

gimme a min Mel-ssi^^

BLo_oM Li_oN said...

email sent with pictures ^^


Anonymous said...

waks.. ode hun.. kekeke.. thats your area lah... you are my chief and
minister of foreign too kkkk... ^^

mel... ssankyuw for sharing.. woahhhh your stalking team so cool so cool girl... really... wahhhh.. i like stalking things...