Sunday, April 04, 2010

[Video] [DVD] Please Be Nice to Me Persona Seoul (official dvd video)

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Warning! (why warning?)
remember dont be confused we have 2 persona dvd already, Persona japan (jp vers) and Persona seoul (jp version) dont be confused... ^^
i think a lot of people become confused because 'jp version' tittle.. and think that is 1 DVD... ^^ so many dont notice that the one who released recently (making vcr, BTS asia tour) is persona seoul but released in japanese version first...
These 2 persona dvd, avalaible for sale now...
No korean version of these 2 persona dvd released yet, and i dont know there will be korean version or not... Usually korean version is cheaper.. hehehe.. ^^

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Actually i have seen elley posted this since yesterday, but at that time i was mobile, and forget to post this. And its become my habit, i always forget to post what i found when i was doing mobile surfing Hehe....

Finally we can see the original jjitjoong version in good quality (i mean not in fancam). I believe this video is recorded during 2nd night, 2nd August 2009. Because they said so ^^, and if you noticed because there is difference beetween jjitjoong 1st night (the very first jjitjoong) and jjitjoong in 2nd night Seoul Concert. And the one they used in this DVD is jjitjoong from 2nd nite ^^

What is the difference? ^^
In 1st august, after he did jjjit thing, he threw his jjit t-shirt to crowd,
but in 2nd night, 2nd August, after he did jjit things, he didnt throw his t-shirt to the crowd. ^^

And personally, i loooveeeee Jjitjoong seoul version more than Budokan version, evethough i watch Persona Budokan live by my self ^^. But for the DVD thing i prefer Persona Seoul DVD Version. Why? 1st because the editing, Persona Budokan seemes done in rush. Two, because the crowd. I really love korean TS crowd and chanting. There is something special about the aura and goosebumps korean TS give you. Yeah because they were doing concert in their homeland. Original always give different feeling lah, hehehehe ^^ Korean TS always give the most loudest and goosebumps. And i love that because we can see that Korean TS spirit in this DVD. Fans chanting is one of the important aspect too, so you could feel the lively atmosfer. You can feel something different with their Japan concert.. ^^I guess its depend on nature of fans in different country of course ^^

I love the editing in Seoul Persona DVD concert more than Japan Persona Budokan Concert. Even its still not the best of editing. But its better, really better.

Hehe LOL they did slowmotion editing when he finally doing jjit ^^. And wahhh the feeling watching official video is different.

Please keep supporting them, with buy their DVD including this DVD okay... ^^
*waiting for my DVD to come ^^*

credit: exlley @ YT /

Maybe you are one of ladies i met in ICU room after saw his jjit the first time back in august
after watched the famous 8 minutes original jjitjoong performance taken during 1st august... ^^

Want to back at that time?

The birth of jjitjoong ^^

The 1st jjitjoong version, Seoul 1st august (8min vers)

credit: hoonfami @ yt


Dd said...

ICU, here i come again!
I also love the way Korean TS chanting for Leader's performance. The chanting is full of passion and exciting that it gives you goosebump.
Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Is the DVD for Persona Seoul available to order yet? I'll buy it for SURE.
By some reason, i like the fancam version better than the official one. The editing is definitely better that the Japanese version, but it's not as good as it should be. I love to download the fancam version, but not sure how to. Please help.
Thanks a lot for all the updates, and pictures.

dalJoong said...

yah .. love the Korean TS, love their chanting and their enthu! Its just so high!

went for the Persona in Taipei and their Encore in Seoul.
completely different feeling and atmosphere. Really enjoyed the Encore so much more, much due to the enthu and high of the fans!!

and seeing Leader doing jjitjoong the first, or rather the 2nd time since this is the second night, felt that his expression and stage presence were also different.
Subsequent jjitjoong seem to lose some of the flavour for me personally. I was happy when he stopped doing the full jjitjoong. The second night of the Encore was the best, he didnt even bare his shoulder at the end!
Crazily obsessed with this guy!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I had difficult breathing for a while when I saw the jjitjoong the first time. I think ICUs every where were full of green peas that day. Nothing beats the original, the first day is the best, it really gives out the shocking effect. Wish they will release a different jjitjoong version for each concert. And I think he dancedd the hardest during the first two concerts.

Anonymous said...

Whoooph... I'm in ICU again by just watching the few sec of the vid...wheeewww really hot in here....what can I say leader is not only handsome but one hot, sexy guy...thanks for sharing

Ode♥ said...

@anonymous @ 3:04pm
the persona in seoul DVD already avail for order, but only japan version so far, with lotsa goodies
if you're wanting the korean version,
kindly wait a little more, it should be out soon (^^), similarly would be with lotsa goodies (^^)

Anonymous said...

yeah DSP always like this... they released persona seoul (jp vers first) than korean vers...
errr why like that..
remember dont be confused we have 2 persona dvd already, persona japan (jp vers) and persona seoul (jp version) dont be confused... ^^
i think alot of people become confused because 'jp version' tittle.. so many dont noticed taht the one who released recently is persona seoul...

BLo_oM Li_oN said...

really wanna get a copy of each but the price is just a little too much for me to have both.

me think.. get it later ha ha...

but after watching the original jittjoong, i just wanted to have it RIGHT NOW !!

fainted .... screamed.... aarrrrr... speechless