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【 정민 】:: 03.20 S'pore Fanmeet fan-account + the reason why he plays his finger so much

Hi, This is just a simple fan-account. I'm not a writer. ^^ this is only writing about the fanmeet.

While many fans were waiting outside in the long, long queue, which lasted from morning 8am+ all the way to 4.30pm+, fans went through heavy rain and blazing hot sun… I was at the very back queue because my body condition on this day was actually not good.. I almost had to give it up because the pain I was facing was really unbearable, but I didn’t want to give up. I even asked a few friends if they want my ticket instead. Despite that, I eventually made it down to the venue. I saw many fans with that ‘blackie face’ coz’ they been waiting really long all-ready. It was sitting, until it rained and it turned to standing. I went to comfort some by telling them, love is not about how long you wait, it’s about you know why and what you’re waiting for. ^^ I was glad to see some felt inspired by that kkk... Still, I thought the staff didn’t manage to keep their promises, they said to open doors at 4PM but in the end, at 4.30PM and beyond, the door was still not open. Of course they should have some problems there to settle... I heard many fans grumbling…

Alright so the door was open around 4.45PM (?), I'm not sure. When you enter the venue, you’ll find the venue really pretty ‘coz basically it was in the look of a disco with the lounge area, and the stage, the lighting etc… But when you see everyone squeezing against one another’s butt, yata~~ your mood just drops……kkk.. That’s something naturally one will feel, unless of course you’re not human then that’s a diff story. ^.^

About 5.05pm, MC who is the DJ from a singapore radio station, his name is Ken and yes he shares the same name as that host from Taiwan. I wonder if Hyungjun & Jungmin actually will get confused altogether… Well, that’s just random. The one from Taiwan was a lil' street-smart, but this one from S'pore was humble & cute & blur. kkkkkk.. Alright so the MC was out and he started warming the atmosphere. But still…the disco mood wasn’t there. ^^

No sooner than later, JM appeared. He sung to [If you cannot]. Yeah no special surprise guest appearance or what. I noticed not many cameras were raised at this time. And you know what? Before the performance started, MC was giving instructions on no cameras and videotaping nor photography allowed, but of course what d’ya think…the instructions went on deaf ears ne. Not just that, the instructions were just plain words on the surface… Cameras everywhere but noone got ousted. During the performance, fans started to hold their fanboards up. They were standing in the middle though and behind me, I heard a fan shouting for those fans to lower their boards. Well, that was just a small episode.

After JM finished the song, he introduced himself. As usual with his not-bad mandarin. Then they talked a little.

Next was the game session. Mission was to draw a portrait of JM. Four lucky fans were picked from random lucky draw to go on-stage. 1st and 2nd one was alright. 3rd one’s drawing was obviously like the stick-man you see on Pacman, the game, ha ha. The 4th fan drew good, I could say the best out of all 4. Okay so after JM touches up the drawn portraits, a winner was to be selected. Reward was…? Intimate behaviour, err or rather, his so-called intimate behaviour was blowing wind at the girl’s ear. He went around blowing the girls’ ears slowly & weirdly…… ^oo^ He came to the last girl and chose her, so yes she was the winner.

Following that was in fact the biggest highlight of the fanmeet. JM sung to a mandarin song – [Forever Love]. Original singer was Wang Lee-hom, a Taiwanese singer. JM said that he didn’t have time to prepare much. Yeah he was busy.

Again, it was another round of game again. Mission was to dance to the chorus of [Not Alone]. He didn't perform to this song, by the way. Bcoz his dancers were not free, and this song was not in their plan for the stage was really small to allow [Not Alone]. So the mission was to dance that part, hmm Y’know, the part where you turn your head back forth with your strong finger (that’s not a very good description)… So 4 fans were being asked who knows the dance well by heart, and 4 fans really raised their hands. They went on stage. First one danced pretty good, second third and fourth one was just alright. One of them looked comical as well. So it was time to pick the winner. JM modestly answered that all 4 were good, but of course, too, he had to pick one. Reward was to feed the winner cake. Yes, hand-fed! I think JM wanted to pick the first one. But as he tried out his old tactic by going round behind their backs, he actually hit the last girl in her ribs (who is a Vietnamese fan) accidentally. He caressed her but told her that he’s caressing her ‘coz he hit her accidentally, not because the winner is her!! And he said that twice or thrice I think, in mandarin! I don’t know if the girl understood or not... Then……guess what, the girl cried. The girl cried I don’t know for effect or what, but if it was you, will you feel hurt by his comment? Everyone boo-ed JM for making a girl cry, and JM looked awkward and sorry too. So he said he’ll pick her then, to make up for it (laugh out loud). He fed her cake personally, and wiped off the cream from her mouth. He was soo near to the girl’s face, which stirred a~lot of screams from all the fans present. It looked like he was kissing her, ha ha.

Next came a fanvid made by Singapore TripleS fanclub. As usual, they did the self-penned and self-composed song for JM and presented it on the screens. I was watching JM in the dark who was standing at the side, and I felt that he was really touched as those memories must have been floating in his mind bit by bit at that moment. Nostalgia, you call it...? I also noticed during which scenes of other members appeared, JM’s facial expressions was the most vivid. You know that kind when it hits a sensitive knuckle in you? Yeah, that. In the fanvid consisted him during Double’s debut days in 2005 and throughout the years, during 2010 Newton’s concert, during his solo debut period in 2011 January and all that… Nostalgia, nostalgia. You should find a video of video on the net somewhere.

Following the fanvid came the birthday surprise. Birthday cake was presented by a staff (?). Fans standing in the front few rows kept exclaiming loudly that it was handmade by themselves. Oh well I couldn’t really depict who was shouting since the entire area was so~dark. I thought I was stepping on a cockroach ^oo^ JM was again very surprised and touched, or as he put it. Y’know, many a time, you can’t fake these things. I could really see that JM was moved. Almost to tears, as the surprise came after nostalgic fanvid. Of course, accompanied by the famous birthday cheer sung by all fans present.

Then, the MC host appeared to tell fans that a BTS video will be now shown, which consists of private footages of JM. Hmmm…it was footages of JM during music programmes, practising and dancing.

After awhile, JM prepared to sing [Everyday is Christmas]. It was touchy-feely. Yeah man, that day was December 25 2011! Count down to 2012!!!

Alright so the song ended and JM started to pick Q&A from the stick-it-board. Questions I remembered was like
1) Oppa why are you so handsome, can you give me a heart/kiss (?).
2) Oppa can I have a picture with you?
in the middle fans kept shouting for him to pick the green ones, but JM wasn’t listening, ha ha.
3) Singapore weather is so hot, do you like it. To this, JM answered yes he does. Ha ha, already told you. JM dislikes the cold weather.
4) Do you really dislike carrots. To this, JM answered yes he dislikes. He doesn’t like to eat. The MC added that he ate too much already so does not like to eat anymore. ^^ Fyi in the past, JM liked carrots a lot, and drank carrot juice everyday.

So after he selected these questions (by heart, carefully), he invited these 4 fans to go on stage. The reward was to take Polaroid together by posing. Poses struck with each fan was different, and for me to see, JM did it in a varying manner with each fan’s height and size. Can’t remember for the first & second fan, but the third fan was in a brother-like type – you know the kind where you place your elbows on her shoulders kind. That style which HJ likes. The last fan was impressionable! In the manner of carrying a bride. Yeah, he lifted & carried her. She was a Singapore TS member since she was wearing the club tee (?).

Finally, at this time, happy mood started disappearing. DJ host announced that it was the finale already. He started to act in a sad manner. It was then that JM appeared for encore – [Do you know]. I thought the atmosphere lacked in something. It must have been the passion & singing-along. ^^ Not much lightsticks nor balloons were held at this point. A lil’ quiet for an encore. Haha, if was a concert you will say it’s different or what..?

JM said that he will definitely go back to Singapore again for other events. And then it was here that he really left and event officially ended. The DJ host reminded fans to tune in to his radio programme for there will be a special coverage on JM, but I observed that no one was really paying attention already ‘coz most were preparing to leave. But I was listening & looking. ^^ kkkk yeah I’m very observant. I noticed that DJ host bowed in an almost 90-degree too. Very polite, I like it. He’s modest too. No airs; no wonder he blended in so well with JM.

JM left in a huff though, reason was he had to leave for his hotel first to change and pack up with all his staff, after which they went out for dinner, then finally to the airport. He left the fanmeeting venue about 10 minutes after the event ended. And lucky me managed to see his van leave. He was waving his hands out of the curtain, uh I mean his iphone with something written on it. No face was visible, but I’d think the curtain was translucent – he could see from inside, but in our view, no. Maybe he was muahaha-ing. So his van left for his hotel. And that was the end. He arrived at the airport about...9PM, or so I heard. His flight was at 9.30PM for Incheon where arriving there at 2-3AM plus.

Despite happy moments weaved, because every moment with him is awesome, but still there are many areas to be improved. Management, etc… It hasn’t been the first time already; at anywhere at all, these little little things make up the most and, the best. If you want it to matter to every one, please at least put in glittery ^o^

That's all! I'm going to find my fish now!

**BTW I have realized that JM picks or rather plays with his finger ALOT these days... You see him in action in fanpics & fancams... and I found out the reason why. 'coz his nails are dirty...blackish so he's trying to pick out the dirt... Yes I'm not joking!!!

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