Monday, March 14, 2011

【현중】 :: Donated 100 million won to needed regions in Japan

마음이 참 착한 김현중씨는,
Kim Hyunjoong ssi who has with him a very, very kind heart..

아주 아름답니다.
Is truly beautiful.

Actor cum singer Kim Hyunjoong has made an urgent donation of 100 million won to the northern-east regions that have been suffering because of the Japan earthquake this time.

Through a related personnel from Kim Hyunjoong's Japanese agency Digital Adventure (DA), he disclosed that Kim Hyunjoong has donated 100 million won to them and has asked that it be funded to the most needed region at the moment. Kim Hyunjoong has expressed, "My heart really aches. It'd be really good should everyone pluck up courage", "Though it may just be a little effort here, I hope that by combining all our helping hands it'll become a greater help", as he made a request.

Group SS501's member Kim Hyunjoong is active as both a siinger and actor, and has received lots of love from Japanese fans. His agency Keyeast has explained that this donation is done with the intention of Kim Hyunjoong wanting to accompany by the pain of his fans' as well as the Japanese's.


Kim Hyunjoong has had donated 100 million won to aid in the restoration of the regions that have been damaged by the Japan earthquake.

On the 14th, Kim Hyunjoong expressed through his Japanese agency DA, "I requested to help the casualties in this earthquake", as he then donated 100 million won. "As soon as I heard the news I was very shocked and my heart pained. I pray that restorations to the debris will start soon, and though this little bit may look insignificant, I truly hope that it'll turn to be of some help", as he said.

"Many people are lending a helping hand in this. I hope that all of us will help in this with a single heart as we render our help", as he pleaded.

Kim Hyunjoong's Japanese agency personnel has told of this further, "As per Kim Hyunjoong-ssi's suggestion, we'll purchase the most needed commodities and necessities as soon as possible and send these supports over to them".


Anonymous said...

Kim Hyun Joong is a beautiful man with a very kind heart, and he will be blessed with many more blessings in return for his kindness.

As always, thank you Ode for your translations.

ode said...


Hey Anony! I love your sentence, "he will be blessed with many more blessings in return for his kindness"!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing ode.

I am so proud to be wuri HJ's fan. He's got a very good heart beating inside him... hence why he is loved by so many.

I believe in the saying that 'every good deed comes back to you 10-fold'. You will always be blessed, wuri HJ!!