Tuesday, March 08, 2011

【현중】 :: Coupang CF -- 여행을 쿠팡하다!! (+eng)

반값 아이디어, 여행을 쿠팡하다!!

C'mon let's go, let's Koopang!!!!

Released: 8 March


1080P Full HD


승조 : 아빠, 비행기 타는게 좋죠?
Seungjo : Appa, you love to ride the airplane don't you?/It's lovely to go on an airplane ride isn't it?

승조 : 이번엔 파리 갑니다!!!!
Seungjo : Let's go to Paris this time!!!!

현중 : 가고싶은덴 비싸다
Hyunjoong : The place you wanna go is EXPENSIVE

여행을 쿠팡하다
Let's tag Coupang on Holidaying

세상을 즐기는 반값 아이디어
Enjoying the world at half the price



Anonymous said...

Super cute!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Again, thank you so much ode...senga