Monday, March 14, 2011

【현중】 :: Coupang CF -- 외식을 쿠팡하다

3월13일에 방송된 쿠팡 외식편 광고입니다^^
Coupang's Meal version CF broadcasted on TV on Mar 13

현중 : 너를위해 최고급의 스테이크를 준비했어
HJ : For your sake, I have prepared the best of the best stake for you

현중 : 3분만에 OK!!
HJ : and...
OK in just 3 minutes!!

Mad girl : 야! 김현중 진짜.. 어우!!!~~진ㅉㅏ아

Mad girl : Ya! Kim Hyunjoong seriously... Aaohwooh!~~~ Jinjjaaaa
a i s h

현중 : 먹고싶은건 비싸다
HJ : The food you want to eat is EXPENSIVE

현중 : 외식을 쿠팡하다
HJ : Let's tag Coupang on DINING

현중 : 쿠우우~팡!
HJ : Cooou~pang!

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