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【정민】 :: 03.14 Taiwan TV Channel V 『就是愛JK』--- Interview

Interview with JM when he was in Taiwan last month. 2nd part since last Thursday's episode.

This is a nice watch as it dissects his inner world with mini psychological tests and all that.

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Very interesting, decided to translate abit for future reference

**From the start of questions ~ end of interview only**

(1) To test: What kind of lover will conquer you?

Question: Which type of news will you pay the most attention to when you watch the TV everyday?

A. Changes between the relationship of celebrities
B. Scandals of political characters
C. The lover/romance partner of famous people
D. Unethical behaviours carried out by financial groups/companies

JM's Spoken Answer: D. Because to be unethical suggests doing a bad thing that's why

Host's Spoken Answer: B. Because it's related to Taiwan

Analysis for JM's answer:

D. You're a little stubborn, and loves to give preaching to others.

JM: Towards lover, or...?

Host: No...more of like a character, personality kinda

JM: Yeah, quite true, quite true... (saying to the host) (spoke in korean, not in the subtitles)

Continues Analysis...

D. While spending time with your lover, you like to give long speeches, and wants the other party to be listening beside you.

JM: Oh no...I will actually listen more to her rather than me talking

Analysis for Host's answer:

B. The more hard your lover is for you to conquer, the more you would want to conquer her. You find it hard to resist the attraction of a bad woman

JM: You pervert!

Host: You're so slutty

JM: So are you.. hahahahaha

Continues with analysis of other answers...

A. You're more bright and cheerful and bubbly. People who want to approach you are mostly attracted to you by your bright smile.

C. You tend to be picky. Not easy for you to maintain a long-term relationship with others, unless if you met an expert who is tactful enough to make you subdue totally.

Host: Not very accurate huh.. hahaha

(2) to test: How do you select your lover?

Question: If your house is flooded, what is that one thing you will rescue first?

A. Electrical appliances
B. Food in the refrigerator
C. Books & albums
D. European-styled furniture

JM spoken answer: Because I'm recently into interior design, I'll choose D.

Host: Your answers are beyond my expectations.. You chose the answers that I didn't expect you will choose

Analysis for JM's answer

D. Your lover will be someone with attractive looks and who pays much attention to her outlook and the way she dresses, or if not she must be a beauty who attracts much envy from your friends and family.

JM: To be like that plus a little more humorous and witty will be good

Words: Beautiful + Humorous = Park Jungmin's 100% Lover

JM: Bright and interesting one

Host: Oh so she must be interesting enough so that PJM will like

JM: It was more than I expected it to be...that I like pretty girls ha ha ha

Host's answer: A

Analysis: You are very practical. You often plan in detail and very meticulously, similarly for your lover. In every area possible, she must fit your lowest requirement.

Host: Quite accurate this time huh...

Analysis for other answers...

Host: The weirdest ones will choose B I think
(ode: why weird? food is so important for survival ne......)

B. You are interest-oriented. You will go for a romantic one in your lover. She/he must know some little tricks and also some delights, or else it'll be very hard for both of you to live together.

C. Your lover must be able to watch a movie with you, and a soul partner who can discuss the philosophies of life with you. She/he must also be able to catch up with your footsteps so that you won't oust him aside.

Host: I realize that even before translation, Little Min can already understand abit of it..!!

JM: Ahh, a little... can read abit of mandarin...

Host: since your mandarin is so good maybe you can read the following question by yourself

(3) to test: Between Love and Career, which is more important to you?

Question: It's your first time ALONE going abroad to a country of a different language you're not familiar with... Which of the following are you most afraid of?

Host: Wow incredible~~ please accept my bow~~~ incredi~ble~~ how come this korean celebrity can speak mandarin so well?!? wow incredible.. you're really hardworking~

A. Lost your passport
B. You lost all your money you have
C. You were misunderstood as a criminal and been detained overseas
D. Met into a baddie and got cheated

JM: All of the options look so scary~ B C D

JM's Spoken Answer: C!

Host: Me... D

JM: D... hmm but B looks very scary too.. Ha ha ha

Host: But if you met into D, you could also lose all the other 3 right

JM: Ahhh~~~ correct correct~~~ makes sense

Host: let's see mine first this time~~

JM: Ok

Analysis for host's answer:

D. Career-minded only 20%. Romance-minded 80%. Not career-minded. Doesn't like to work, so you tend to put alot of attention on romance. You'll only realize the importance of not having money after you're married.

words: actually his money is always spent like the water~

Host: you're so slutty

JM: So are you ha ha ha ha... Low competence and efficiency (joking only)

Host: Yeah something like.. my girlfriend is waiting for me downstairs, waiting for our afternoon tea break together, so I would kinda not want to continue the interview anymore ...

words: The 'girlfriend' without a single sight of shadow!

Analysis for JM's answer

D. Career-minded 40%, romance-minded 60%. You put alot of attention on relationships. Sometimes you rather give up your career that you hardworkingly built from scratch in order to fulfil your romance.

JM: Hmm... Possibly...

words: Even he agrees himself

Host: What if you fall for a Taiwanese girl someday, will you move to reside in Taiwan??

JM: Possibly...

words: Taiwanese girls have a chance~~

Host: So what if the girl says it's too tough for you to be a celebrity, and asks you not to be a celebrity anymore, will it be OK for you?

JM: If she can tell me not to be a celebrity, I guess she'll also ask me to go do other jobs

JM: Maybe hotel managing?

JM: Or perhaps, the president ha ha ha

Analysis of other answers...

B. More career-minded, 60%. Romance-minded 40%. A very sweet and blessed pair with your lover. Both of you can overcome and solve many matters together, rather rare!

A. Career-minded 80%, Romance-minded 20%. For the sake of your bright future, you'll be on a sprint every day to work hard. Even when talking about your relationship, you don't like it when the other party sticks to you too much.


Host: So how do you feel?

JM: Not bad.

Host: do you hope for like, when you come to Taiwan in future you can converse with them in full Mandarin? without any Korean at all?

JM: I look forward, and it's one of my targets

Host: We're rooting on for you~~

JM: Fighting~ Teach me~

JM: Power~ Fighting~ Yeahyay!

Host: thank you PJM for this psychological test today~~

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