Thursday, March 17, 2011

【정민】 :: Showcase in Malaysia Promo

Jungmin is expected to take his promotions onto Malaysia's shore. It will be a few days after his 25th birthday. Which is why during this event, fans will celebrate JM's belated birthday there as well. He will be singing approximately 6 songs, inclusive of a specially prepared Malay song, as well as two game sessions. This may make a very memorable stage for JM since fans will celebrate his birthday for him, so if you are free and want to attend, there are more information at the organizer Need Entertainment's page / The Event's page.

When: April 9
What time: 20:00 ~ 22:00
Main organizer: Need Entertainment
Artist Management: CNr Media , Sony Music Malaysia

The five fanclubs that will be in charge of JM's belated birthday surprise are:

(1) Park Jung Min Malaysia Fan Club -

(2) Triple S Malaysia -

(3) TSMY - SS501 First Malaysia Fanclub -

(4) TripleS Secret Land -

(5) SS501 Facts Twitter -

They will be organizing to sing Jungmin a birthday song for his 25th birthday, though belated. Also, in order to aid the victims who are suffering in Japan, they will also organize a donation under the name of Park Jung Min. All amount raked in will be donated to the Japanese victims.

For any enquiries please feel free to contact any of the above five sites.

With regards to any ticketing/booking enquiry, you're also welcome to order from the above five sites.
*should you not be a member of the above five sites, you could possibly e-mail to for more help.

Video making & copyrights by Amon & Chris

Please do promote alot for this and participate as well because or else you never know what circumstances may occur. Prevention is better than cure!

Thanks Strawberry!

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