Monday, March 21, 2011

『Forever Love』by Wang Leehom

This has been one of my favorite song, it's really meaningful.

This singer is a Taiwanese singer. If you're interested in him you can do a search on him, it's your prerogative ^^

This song was sung by Jungmin in his S'pore touchy-feely.

Eng Trans by :

爱你, 不是因为你的美而已
Loving you not because of your beauty.

我越来越爱你, 每个眼神触动我的心
I love you more and more, your every eye contact touches my heart.

因为你让我看见forever, 才了解自己,
Because you let me see forever and then I understand myself.

未来这些日子 要好好珍惜
Please treasure the days that are about to come

爱我, 有些痛苦有些不公平
Loving me, there’ll be some pain and unfairness

如果真的爱我 不是理所当然的决定
If you really love me, it's really not an "of course" decision.

感到你的呼吸在我耳边 像微风深情
I can feel your breathe next to my ears as magical as breeze passes by.

温柔的安抚, 我的不安定
You softly comfort my uneasiness.

所以我要 每天研究你的笑容 ouu…多么自然
Therefore I really want to learn your smile every day, ouu... how natural it is

*Forever Love, Forever Love
Forever Love, Forever Love

I really want to spend my whole life time loving you.

从今以后, 你会是所有 幸福的理由
From this moment on, You will be my ultimate reason of happiness.

爱情, 是场最美最远的旅行
Love is the most beautiful and furthest journey.

沿途遇经泥泞 偶尔阻碍我们的前进
There’ll be rains and mud along the way which sometimes prevent us from going forward

感到你的体温在我怀里 像阳光和煦
I can feel your temperature in my arms as warmly as sunlight

巧妙的熔化 我的不安定
You magically melt my uneasiness

不可思议 证明我爱你的理由 ouu… 多么自然
Unbelievably, this proves my reason of loving you, ouu… how natural it is

Repeat *

Your flickering eyes

and my silent voice

is the best evidence our still loving each other

就让我再说一次I love you …
So please let me repeat this. I love you....

Until eternity

Repeat *

Forever Love, Forever Love. Oh Forever Love...

Forever Love, Forever Love. Oh Forever Love...

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