Thursday, March 17, 2011

【현중】 :: Nomination for 15th Global Chinese Music

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The nominees for the Most Popular & Influential Korean Artist in Asian are
-Lee Min Ho
-Kim Hyun Joong
-Jang Geun Suk
-Hyun Bin

**The winner will perform**

This award ceremony is organised by Channel V and Xing Kong
(the Chinese station which broadcast the Korean Version 'Boys Over Flowers')

This award ceremony is one of the 3 biggest award ceremonies in Mainland China.
It will be held on 15th of April at Cheng Du,China.


Other categories which involve Korean artists also include:

29. The most popular Asian Influential Stylish Actor
-Daniel Henney
-Lee Junki

30. The most popular Asian Influential Korean Singer
-Lee Hyori
-Nam Hyunjoo

31. The most popular Asian Influential International Artist
-Lady Gaga
-Justin Bieber

I find their categorizing a lil' weird......


*EDIT: 17 Mar (Thurs)*

This is its related WEBPAGE |

According to this page, HJ is the most anticipated star to attend to this ceremony. He will most likely be attending this event on April 15 in Chengdu, China.

Almost everybody casted their votes to him. I find the math very funny here ^^


Anonymous said...

The left column show the percentages to total no. of votes and the right column shows the actual no. of votes

ode said...

@anonymous yes that's right. almost all gave it to him, isn't it? ^ ^