Friday, March 11, 2011

【영생】 :: M4 <내사랑> M/V

On Kyujong's birthday Feb 24, YS went to shoot for his friends boygroup M4's new track M/V.

This song is bright and cheerful. Just watch how YS looks so lost and 'clumsy' watching his friends fooling around, especially in the front. How funny can your nose continue flying!

우정출연 : 허영생
Special Friendly guest : Heo youngsaeng

*released 9th March

iZomZaa @

M/V itself
*released 11 Mar



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Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing... so this is the vid he "filmed"? i think i saw him 6x for just a mere split second in each shot and it wasnt even a closeup shot^^ aigoo