Wednesday, March 02, 2011

【형준】 :: 1st Official Mini-Album - Tracklist Info

1. Angel (feat. E-Tribe)
*luxurious Urban RnB, bright and cheerful

2. oH aH {title track}
*Urban RnB, harmonious feel and melody oozing with soft, gentle charisma

3. Girl
*Funky, pop-dance music, sweet voice accompanied with an addictive melody

4. Not another girl but you
RnB cum hip-hop, never tried before by Kim Hyung Jun. Produced also by Rado the musician.
Different type of feel from all 4 other songs

5. Heaven
One and only ballad track in this album. Lyricist by Kim Hyung Jun. Smooth ballad piece.

6. oH aH (Instru.)

7. Girl (Instru.)

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