Monday, March 07, 2011

How to search for Hyungjun in Naver and or other news portals

done by: and hyungjun baidu (
I also added extra info

This procedure doesn't just count for Naver. It also does for Daum, Nate, etc.

Please log in with your naver account in order to boost the searches. It's actually just like signing up for Daum. I'm sure you could know how to.

Even if you don't own an account, your searches will be counted to real-time as well.

In the calculation of ranking on music charts, Searching takes up 20%. So you can easily know and infer for yourself just how important searching is.

1. go to

2. go under the search box and type "김형준" and click on enter.

3. Many news articles and/or information will appear. Open any one of it to view. Stay on that opened page for 3-5minutes then close it.

4. After so, go to your "Tools" -- "Internet Options" -- "Temporary Files" -- "Clear Cookies". Then close this.
*this step only needs to be done ONCE. No need to repeat.

5. Refresh the naver page.

6. repeat Steps 2-3.

*please don't repeat opening the same few news links. Do look at other news links as well, or else you might be blacklisted by naver.

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