Sunday, March 10, 2013

규종,형준 :: 03.10, Twitter Update

3월 9일 『THE FIRST』 콘서트 후 파티에서 찍었던 두분의 다정한 투샷 포즈 ^_^

A lovely photo shot between the brothers after March 9's 『THE FIRST』 concert.

막둥이쭌이 콘서트 완전 재미났는데♥2층에서 소리지르느라 덕분에 오늘은 목이아프네요 ㅠ 쭌이 짱짱짱 사랑해♥ 그리고 YS 의 음반도 곧 나옵니다!!! 노래 완전사랑함 ㅠ 영생이형 만만세 ♥형 나는어때~~

Maknae Jjun's concert was totally exciting♥ I was screaming and cheering on the 2nd floor and thanks to that my throat's in pain now ㅠ Jjun jjang jjang jjang I love you♥ Oh yes and YS' album will be out soon!!! Totally lovin' the song ㅠ Young Saeng hyung manmanse ♥ "Hyung how's me for you"~~

Source: Kyu Jong Twitter

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