Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Summer Snow Female Lead

뮤지컬 『Summer Snow』 여자주인공에 관한 소식입니다...

Some information regarding musical 『Summer Snow』's female lead.

March 12:

[Female lead Seolhee] AOA Yuna

Girl group AOA's Yuna has been casted in musical 'Summer Snow' as the female lead Seolhee.

The role that Yuna is playing, Seolhee, is a girl with cardiac disease and who lives only with her father, she's a positive, cheerful and kind character. In the show, Seolhee shares a loveline with two of the male leads - Jin Ha and Yun Jae.

Jin Ha is played by FT Island's Song Seung Hyun, Super Junior's Sung Min and Chosinsung's Sung Je.
Yun Jae is played by Park Kwang Hyun and Heo Young Saeng.

March 19:

[Female lead Seolhee] C-REAL Effie

Girl group C-REAL's Effie and Ann J will be making their musical show debuts alongside each other.

Jin Ha's role will be played by (Super Junior) Sung Min and (FT Island) Seung Hyun; while Ann J will play Jin Ha's younger sister Eun Ha, and Effie will play Jin Ha's girlfriend Seolhee. 

Left: Ann J
Right: Effie

Source: Joy News 24, Star News

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