Thursday, March 28, 2013

03.28, The Face Shop New Face, Miss A's Suzy

Miss A's Suzy will be the new female model for The Face Shop.

Girl group Miss A's Suzy has been selected as the new face for The Face Shop. She will be the new model alongside another current female model - girl group Girls' Generation's Seo Hyun as The Face Shop's two female models. 

또한 더페이스샵은 수지 서현과 함께 기존 남성 모델인 김현중을 브랜드 및 제품 광고에 탄력적으로 활용해 한류스타 마케팅을 적극적으로 펼쳐 국내 및 해외시장 공략에 박차를 가할 예정이다.

In addition, from hereon, The Face Shop will be putting its Hanryu marketing to full use with its three models Suzy, Seo Hyun and existing male model Kim Hyun Joong in its brand and product commercials across domestic and overseas.

Source: Money Today
Photo Copyright: The Face Shop, Korea

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