Saturday, March 16, 2013

정민 :: 『Zepp Japan Tour 2013』 Concert Goods

오는 3월 19일부터 시작되는 『Theatrical Zepp Japan Tour 2013』의 굿즈들입니다. 굿즈들이 그날 공연 현장에서 판매합

The concert goods that will be on sale at the 『Theatrical Zepp Japan Tour 2013』 concert venue that will start from March 19 in Fukuoka onwards.

LED Ring 

 *comes in Green, Red, Blue, Shiny colours



USB (4G) (20 photos of 「Beautiful」 in it!)

◈ Park Jung Min Photo Collection in Hawaii (A4, 94-page)

◈ Park Jung Min Ultimate "BEAUTIFUL"

◈ Park Jung Min Stylish Book

◈ Park Jung Min 【MY STORY】 Photo Essay

◈ And more!

Source: Jung Min Official Japan Homepage [1] [2] [3]

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