Wednesday, March 20, 2013

영생 :: 03.20, 『Show Champion』 Backstage

Today is the live broadcast of MBC Music 'Show Champion' #53, after which as the live broadcast ends, recording for (next week) #54 will be carried out, too.

 쇼챔에 허영생님 등장!! 컴백 기념 스페셜 인터뷰부터 쇼챔이 단독 입수한 허영생버전 귀요미 플레이어까지 싹 다 공개됩니다^^ 오늘 저녁 6시 쇼챔피언 본방사수!

Heo Young Saeng nim on Show Champion!! We'll be revealing all from a special interview in commemoration of his comeback to a Show Champion-exclusive only Heo Young Saeng version's cutesy player^^ Tune in to Show Champion today at 6pm!  우잉?!


Source: Show Champion(쇼챔피언) Official Twitter, Young Saeng Twitter

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