Saturday, March 30, 2013

형준 :: [정보] MBC Drama 『금나와라, 뚝딱! (Gold Appear)』 - Character Outlines

MBC 새 주말드라마 『금나와라, 뚝딱!』의 정보입니다.

Information about the new MBC weekend drama 『Gold Appear!』.

 (from L-R) 
Jung Mong Hee, Park Hyun Soo, Park Hyun Jun, Sung Eun, Jung Mong Hyun, Park Hyun Tae, Jung Mong Kyu

In the Mong Hee family, 
Mong Hee - Eldest
Mong Kyu - Second eldest
Mong Hyun - Youngest

Source: 금나와라, 뚝딱! Official Homepage

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