Saturday, March 16, 2013

정민:: About the medley in 『Zepp Japan Tour 2013』

Something about the much anticipated medley that will be presented at the upcoming 『Theatrical Zepp Japan Tour 2013』 starting March 19 onwards in Fukuoka. It is fun to anticipate and guess^-^


Korean translation (rough by translator):
당초 예정이었던 곡 수보다 무려 곡 수를 늘리는 메들리!
그리고 4개 도시의 메들리 내용은 싹 바꾸려는 것!
"이 투어만의 스페셜 메들리, 4계절을 물들이는 메들리, 발라드 메들리, 초아이돌 메들리"라는 4 패턴의 메들리를 준비하는


The amount of songs of the (SS501) medley has been increased from the previous slated amount of songs!  
The medley contents will also entirely change with each of the four cities! 
There will be 4 medley patterns - Special Medley, Four Seasonal Medley, Ballads Medley, Super-idol Medley.

Source: Jung Min Official Japan Homepage Staff Blog

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