Sunday, March 17, 2013

영생 :: 03.17, Inkigayo Backstage Updates

Today at Inkigayo, the 4th comeback stage.

오늘은 SBS인기가요!!

Today at SBS Inkigayo!!

 Mar 16: 내일 인기가요 사전녹화 참여하시면 추첨하여 영생씨의 폴라로이드를 선물합니다!!
Mar 17: 오늘 폴라로이드 득템하신 분들!! 축하합니다(≧∇≦)

Mar 16: For participants joining in the pre-recording for tomorrow's Inkigayo will be entitled for a lottery draw and get to receive Young Saeng's polaroids!! 
Mar 17: Those who managed to get the polaroids today!! Congratulations(≧∇≦)

Source: Young Saeng Twitter, Y.E.S Staff Twitter

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