Monday, March 07, 2011

【형준.정민】5/MAR <My Girl>Solo Showcase --- Lovely Fancams by Mabel

Melts in a shower of love~

JM: annyonghaseyo

JM introduces himself as Hyungjun's best friend. (^^ ^^ ^^)
*shy hyungjun hits him coyly, blushing*

Best friend huh..
so if you were reborn as a woman, will you two date already^^?

JM: Hyungjun will be marrying into my family then
Hyungjun: YAAA

Hyungjun actually said just now that if he was a woman he'll date Jungmin though?

Hyungjun: Since when I said that!!!
JM: I heard it all alright

Words: The PROOF...

Hyungjun: Orh...... I'll marry into their family then ......


He doesn't even remember what JM gave him!!! kkkkkkkkkk


[YES or NO] time

Do you know both's birthdays?
JM: Yes
Jjun: Yes

^ the only time both answered in accordance

If you two fall in love with the same girl, will you give up the girl for your friend?

JM: Yes
Jjun: No

others not captured in here:

If the situation is really urgent, will you lend each other 10 million won?
JM: Yes
Jjun: No

Will you feel jealous if your friend does better than you?
JM: No
Jjun: Yes

Jjun takes revenge by questioning in a joking manner just how well he may do better than JM kkkkkk

If the other party calls you out at late night, will you go?
JM: No
Jjun: Yes

oh I won't as well kkkkkkk

What does this tell you? Both are very honest, and one of them truly cares alot about the other isn't it? ^ooo^

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