Monday, March 07, 2011

【형준】:: 『GIRL』 voting on MCountdown

Hyungjun's digital single 『GIRL』 was released on 28th February, wasn't it? Surprisingly though February may have felt short, there is a certain limit to time ^^

In the poll, Hyungjun's 『GIRL』 leads in No.2, that's a very quick progress given that the poll began only today and will last till Monday at 9AM...

You can give it your shot at voting, since it's been known as always that voting matters alot...

*have to be a member in Mnet Japan that is ; in this case since it is on Mnet Japan



As of deadline 7 March, Hyungjun won the Number 1 position with his digital song GIRL!

축하드리구요!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats! This takes up 15% of overall result!

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