Sunday, April 11, 2010

[fanacc] Various fanaccounts + few 직찍s from afar in BCN, 0904

I managed to link and link and link and link (no end i tell you)
and find several fanaccounts on encounters with HJ
since there are too many fanaccounts to date, think I'll soon just extract the essence ones from now on^^
has always been for sharing/ent purposes only,anw^^

**oh and btw, some1 asked me is it Barca he supports, or Madrid,
previously I had mentioned he supports Barca which was what I 'heard' abt @ 1st audio,
but factually, he act supports Madrid because Ronaldo is his fave soccer player
and Ronaldo plays for real Madrid ^^ I alr clarified it here before this^^**


meanwhile, the fanaccs...

(1) Walking on the streets @ 9th April night by onjenna

(2) Another fanaccount posted on this page (comment section)
by por eCamY @ 03:38 AM

(3) Long fanaccount [again] on here by Susispooky @ aigoo fansub
{{Includes HJ's autograph on his IM-DAVID photos}}


this fanaccount is about HJ walking on the streets...
along with pictures shot by fans from afar...
but better than nothing, ne?

cannot read spanish so don't understand, if have translations I'll share...
since so, won't be posting out in full, just the link...
it's the another version of the fanacc from this, I think..

he was still in Barcelona in these following pix which's fr. (1) fanaccount,
should be on the....9th night?


for signatures she got from him, you could go to (1) fanaccount's page to check it out

and...see the Majestic hotel...?