Saturday, May 01, 2010

[직캠] saitama conc 2504 (+after dinner)

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(add after party youtube video)

this the part where it left deep impression on fans because HJ didnt fail to
explain the main important points as a leader
he not just did his best in his role as leader, but also loyally conveyed the message
appropriately w/o pinpointing at anyone at all,
he didnt fail to mess up the situation, & even managed to bring across
such message in such a manner, such a tone, such a way
Earning all accolades from triples
Take your hat off him.....
역시나.. 울 영원한 리더이러니깐......

perfect fancam (+ after dinner)

if you not success to watch this pandora fancam, at least you can see the caps ^^

caps by: from PERFECT video

hehe finally someone upload this pandora video in YT.. thx thx much leenongkan1 ^^

source: PERFECT
reupload by leenongkan1 @ YT

after party fancam

Talk + Role Playing game {{HQ HQ!!}}