Tuesday, May 11, 2010

[상품] WGM Japan Ed DVD

you know previously, all the WGM fans were desperately trying
to catch the programme online, no matter is Ssangchu/adam/potato-man
couple or what, how good will it be if there's DVD available, ne?

so now, Japanese version of this DVD (of course HJs)
is now available...!
I hear screams? kekeke

source: ss501.jp (official japan fansite) (official goods/merc area)
후출: elley씨's daum blog (http://blog.daum.net/elley0606)

Vol 1 & 2 will be onsale on June 4 (Friday) simultaneously
Price: 4,935yen each (tax inclusive)

We Got Married -- Vol.1
*2 discs
*Special: Booklet

We Got Married -- Vol.2
*2 discs
*Special: Postcard (3)

Audio: Original, Korean
Subtitles: Japanese
Korea/Strictly No Reproduction/For Sale Only

(^) I do think these are important details