Sunday, May 23, 2010

[메시지] 정민입니당^^ @ 2010-05-23, 4:14:43 AM

waa.. why do you write it so late nyo? Everyone sleeping already..^^
Who's that wonderful fella who decided for a shooting of MV so late!?
I know some disagrees with sleeping late because of this and that,
But lemme tell oppa and all of you reading, which you should already be aware of:

Insufficient sleep will never get your brain working to its maximum.
Sleeping is just like recharging battery for your handphone/lappi,
if you don't give it battery, it will never start up.
It will never work to its maximum.
And as a result, the cycle will persist and efficiency will always
be at its lowest.
You will be amazed at how much efficiency your brain could work out
if you give it enough sleep.
Yet too much sleep, and too little sleep could lead to prematured death, too.

U want it that way?

Morale of story?

Time don't make way for you, U make way for time.


정민 : 정민입니당^^ 2010-05-23 오전 4:14:43

오늘..? 아니 어제 넘넘넘~ 고마워요..!!

울 트리플S가 젤 멋졌어요..!!ㅎㅎㅎ

전 이제 곧 뮤직비디오 찍어서~

안무 연습하고 돌아와서

흉통?과 두통을 호소하다 잠들다가 깨어 글을 남깁니다.


오늘의 추억 잊지않을께용~~^0^*

또 이렇게 큰 무대에서 설 수 있겠죠? 우리~~?^^


뮤직비디오 이쁘게 잘 찍어올께요~~

잘자용~~! 오야쓰미~왕안!굿나잇!


어여자요~!! 나도 흉통과 두통이 계속되어서 잘꺼예용!! [정민]
ㅎㅎ 고맙스무니다~모두 감사할머니다!! [정민]
키키루12는 뭔가 아는 친구군..굿나잇. [정민]


JungMin: This is Jungmin^^ @ 2010-05-23, 4:14:43

Today..? No, Yesterday, very very very~ thank you..!!

Our TripleS was the most amazingly cool ones..!! hhh

I'm going to shoot the music video now~

and because of that, I was rehearsing my cheoreography and that's why I came

Chest pain? and head pain throughout my lying on bed and I can't sleep, so I left this piece.


Today's memories, I will never forget nyo~~ ^0^*

Will stand on this gigantic stage again like this, right? We~~?^^


Will shoot a beautiful music video smoothly~~

Goodnight~~! (Korean)
Oyasumi~ (with japanese romaji)~
Wang an! (with mandarin romanji)

Goodnight! (with english romaji)

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Who is this kikiru12 friend whom I know.. Goodnight. [JM]

hh Thank you~ All of you are thankyou grandmothers!! [JM]

Oh a female yo~!! Because the chest pain and headache keeps persisting, but will do well!! [JM]