Sunday, May 16, 2010

[기사] 3rd most suitable football leader 누구냐

That time talked about this polling here
Hj was at 20% on Friday...why dropped to 18% on Sun(?)...? T.T

출처: tvdaily kr
역자: ode

thanks NKnim.

Singer Kim Jong Gook has been chosen as the celebrity most suitable to be the leader
of a football team who will make (football) dreams come true.

Recently on internet professional website 'YES 24', a survey conducted with the name of
【Celebrity most suitable to be the leader of football team who could make dreams come true just like
Park Hee Soon from movie 'Barefooted Dream' (ie, Football Dreams)】 was carried out.

(omited, only mentioning HJ part)

Behind him were actor Kang Dong Won at 2nd (29%), and SS501's Kim HyunJoong
at 3rd (18%) respectively.

On the other hand, Barefooted Dreams the movie will open in theaters on June 10.