Wednesday, May 12, 2010

[기사] Athena's God 3

after news of 'no finalized consideration' yesterday,
here is another collated news version

출처: 뉴스엔 newsen 1205/1305
후출: 다음

Drama 'Iris' which has ended its run previously starring Lee Byung-Hun, Kim Tae-Hee
has had gained interest in its sequel series of late.

Spin-off version 'Athena: Goddess of the War' and official 'Iris 2' are both receiving the core of attention
as top stars would be starring across in these 2 works.

As of now, IRIS' spin-off 'Athena' has had decided for a casting of actors Cha SeungWon,
Jung WooSung, SuAe, Lee JiAh etc, and is set to be released later half of this year.
Whilst IRIS 2 is set to begin shooting next year March onwards, and is targeting
for broadcast in 2011 October, there's also a high possibility that
Lee ByungHun, Kim TaeHee, Kim SeungWoo, Kim SoYeon etc who previously
already starred in IRIS will be appearing once again in its official sequel.
Apart from that, the producer Taewon Entertainment also added on,
"We're also seriously considering for new top-stars to be added on into the casting list".

Also, the hottest news of late has got to be SS501 leader Kim HyunJoong's
considered participation in drama 'Athena'.
A veteran personnel of Taewon Ent who was in an interview with Newsen
on the 11th has revealed, "As of now, according to what's in the synopsis,
we don't have a suitable role for KimHyunJoong.
If he's decided to star across in this drama, we will then certainly create a suitable
role for him to play across as. Kim HyunJoong has a strong desire to play the role
of a national bureau intelligency agent. His will of challenging acting is amazing".
(yeah amazing)
"Until he has settled his contract issues with current agency company DSP,
only then would we discuss further about this. Because this is currently
undergoing process and status is still uncleared about, we shall
be waiting until the issues get resolved. But should he decide to accept
the offer, we will be creating a meaty role for him, a role that would
be of heavy impact. HyunJoong is very much motivated by action-packed acting,
which is why he really wishes to challenge the role of a National Bureau Intelligence agent".

However there's also a possibility that he might not participate in Athena.
According to the personnel, Athena will begin shooting in mid-June,
and because of his singer activities, they might not be able to wait for him.
There's also a discussion ongoing about the appearance of members from
a (another) idol group who's close in age as him.

Though it had been hard trying to settle for a casting list of the previous IRIS,
but it didn't get really far off afterwards. Because the actors were actually very
supportive and strong-willed about being in the drama, the personnel of
Taewon Ent further added on.