Monday, May 03, 2010

[사진] Basic House ScreenSaver

hmm.........these days I begin to think
when some things need to be posted, when some things
need not be posted
There are just too many things to be posted at times,
especially when the May comeback will be approaching soon;
I want to save some energy for that time, when that time comes
similarly for *ahemahem*
huk huk~~
well...I'm no Peter Parker, right?
but well more Peter Parkerㅎ

BASIC HOUSE SUMMER'10 -- ScreenSaver

thanks to miniquiltssi for sharing
& of course, courtesy of basic house korea
because are nice pictures, so I share
also because of some one... ^^

출처: 베이직하우스 코리아
후출처: 미니퀼이트 님 (감사해줭~)

I want to do more screenshots tho, but now don't have time,
so maybe you might want to venture yourself


Respective ScreenSaver Screen Image by Miniquilt-ssi

ScreenSaver (made in to collage form) by Miniquilt-ssi