Friday, May 14, 2010

[기사] 나쁜 남자아니라....정말? ^^;

was thinking to translate or not...
but for the fact that you're seeing this now
it means i did it

출처: 뉴스엔
후출: 육호멤버 (ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이걸 보시면........)

Kim Hyung Joon "I'm no bad boy"

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun revealed what he would do after a tiff with girlfriend.

Kim Hyung Jun revealed on recording for SBS 'Quiz! 6th Sense' that,
whenever there were upsetting moments with his girlfriend,
he would actually go to look for his friends then.

Beginning since a young age, he had already joined into showbiz,
so whenever he had tiffs with girlfriend, the only people whom he could
confide in were his friends.

Kim Hyung Joon would drink alcohol (soju, redbull, whatever) with his friends
of the same age, by doing so, he would feel more relieved after releasing off his heart.
(sorry for the releasing off heart thing, cant think of a better phrasing...)

However he didn't talk so much about his (love) stories with his girlfriend,
except sharing some only,

instead he spoke more about the chemistry between him and his friends,
thus displaying his cool, calm profile.

Broadcast will be on May 16, 10.45 am. (@ SBS)