Friday, May 14, 2010

[사진] 형준 싸인 받으신분 아니 식당이..

HyungJoon visited DeAi restaurant on 8th may

"To: DeAi,
Delicious!! ^_^ Be Happy!!
SS501 in HyungJun"

on 7th may Saturday at 7pm,
KimHyungJun-nim came to visit DeAi restaurant
(japanese restaurant) with a friend of his for dinner.
They chose Set A,
consisting of Sashimi, Shisamo, Tempura moriawase, Buljjambbongnabe (dont know what it is)
along with some Asahi root beer.
After the delicious meal, the satisfied him left an autograph
for DeAi.

May KimHyungJun-nim be happy and all the best in future
of whatever he should conceive~~~

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